late birthday project

combating the relative age effect in youth football

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of players at premier league & category 1 academies are born between September and November…

...But just 10% are born between june and august

(Elite player performance plan research, 2013)

'relative age effect' (RAE)

A bias, particularly evident in elite youth sport, where participation is far higher among those born early in the academic year.

The Late Birthday Project (LBP) counters the significant Relative Age Effect in youth football, by offering a ground-breaking programme of professional academy coaching and opportunities to boys and girls born between January and August.


Sept to Dec born players can still join LBP, but play/train a year up, encouraging them to find clever ways to succeed, rather than just relying on their speed or size.

LBP Players benefit from…

  • Invitation-only U6-U16 squads 
  • UEFA Coaches
  • Premium 3G Facilities
  • Bespoke LBP Curriculum & Philosophy
  • Free 1on1 Coaching Sessions
  • Free Adidas Match Kit
  • Free Futsal
  • Holiday Camps
  • Showcase Games
  • Speed Training
  • Nutritional & Physiotherapy Advice
  • Psychology Workshops
  • Inter-centre LBP League
  • LBP Cup Finals Day

LBP Membership from just £28 per month